Tuesday, March 21, 2006

elections 2006

This letter though mentally composed many times in the last few weeks is hard to write. On the the one hand it is brazen for one living outside the land of Israel to offer political observations to those who are voting even when they are family members. Also at this point you may be sick of yet another political message. Therefore, at the risk of violating the rules of advocacy please accept in advance my apologies for any impropriety.

As you might guess I am more on the right than left but I hope we can talk and listen to each other because too much is at stake to ignore one another.

Also in fairness I will not tell you who to vote for but only offer some observations about my take on the situation. The next Kensset will have to with some very important issues.

The promise that seemed to flicker at Oslo is extinguished. The election of Hamas may have bee the Arab street’s rejection of Fatah’s kleptocratic rule but it has given the keys to Hamas, an Iranian surrogate. The PA is no longer as if it ever was an expression of a people’s aspirations for self determination but part of global Jihad.

To make things more complicated it is foolish to talk about the Arabs as though they do not exist. However, it is equally foolish to believe there is anyone on the PA side with the inclination and influence to promote any type of peace. The solution may need to be one sided as well but what.

Creating borders unilaterally by retreating to pre 1967 borders or by building fences akin to the Ghetto walls of Europe, walls that are not high enough to keep out Kassam rockets. The thought that proposed borders would be within 5km from Ben Gurion Airport when a Kassam’s range is 6km is irresponsible. To take action to reconfigure the Jewish population in Judea and Sameria only creating more displaced persons a la Gush Katif is cruel and inhuman.

The government’s actions in Gush Katif should give every Israeli concern consider not the destruction of communities and businesses but the insensitive and callous manner in which the former Gush Katif residents’ relocation and reintegration. Also now when Gaza is without Jews how much more of the surrounding area is vulnerable to attack. After Gaza the power station in Ashkelon is within reach. Please do not confuse Mazal with the fact the Ashkelon power plant is vulnerable. Whatever is done must be in the national interest of Jewry. No one wants suffering imposed on anyone but the Government of a Jewish state needs to act first last and always in the interest of Jewry. Retreat is viewed not as accommodation but weakness that only serves to whet Arab avarice.

Concerning Amona let me say attack against police cannot be tolerated especially if lethal force is used . However when of the 389 injuries reported at Amona only 45 where police and army excessive force was used. Certainly MK’S Eitan and Eldad who were wounded in Amona were not engaged in violence against the authorities. If anything Amona is a chilling warning calculated to silence protest.

The most subtle thing the lack of accountability any MK has to the people. When an individual’s position on a party list depends on party officiasl why should anyone care about the people? And if one falls out of favor one can change or create a party. Bibi opening up the Likud list is a positive step to an accountability.

Similarly the must be reform in the Judicial system. There have to be put in place limits on what types of cases and who may be bring cases before the Court. Advocacy groups like Peace Now without a plaintiff who is a party in interest should be barred from suing on behalf of persons they do not directly represent. Believing everything can come under the purview of The Court takes the concept of Judicial Review and stands it on its head. No matter how smart the Justices may be they cannot rewrite Halacha or act to subvert the kenesset without good cause. The Bagatz needs to act applying equal protection under the law. Illegal structures should be torn down but not only the Jewish ones and ignore Arab violations, unconscionable.

Moving the economy from a socialist to a capitalist model by Bibi has propelled the economy forward in a dramatic manner. However as Shas advocates a third of Israeli children live below the poverty line and 85% of those receiving child allowances where hard working persons who simply cannot command higher salaries is intolerable.

Some left parties see people like me as the greatest threat to the state, draining its resources holding back and dragging down the rest of society and not Hamas. This is so wrong and maybe this portrayal is not undeserved but instead of reaching out the only thing facing each other are pointed fingers. There has to be a change. A change from self interest and retreat but to take Israel’s place among nations.

The choice before you on 28.3.06 is monumental. Please dear family choose for the nation of Israel choose for State of Israel Choose for a Jewish Future and not for those who would undo 2000 years of waiting and yearning. My Savta A’H who most of you knew or heard of would often tell me when she saw a flower or garden how this was like what she saw in in Israel. Please vote for a future that connects today to our history and looks forward to the future.
with much love,

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