Monday, April 14, 2008


A recent article in the Detroit Jewish News spoke about the Land of Israel Faithful whose teenage foot soldiers spearhead the establishment of new Jewish settlement within Yehudah and Shomron, Judea and Samaria The article takes a one sided approach asserting that these settlers act with virtual impunity, the actions taken by the police against these settlements is no more than street theatre.

The author while noting growth of Jewish settlements, statistics provided by Yesh Din and Peace Now ignores the tens of thousands of Arab construction projects virtually all without government building permits and some built unchallenged upon land purchased by the Jewish National Fund/Keren Kaiyemet L’Yisrael. Think of it, land purchased through early 20th century and depression era donations of pennies, nickels and dimes to the JNF Blue Box to redeem the Land of Israel for the Jewish people, was appropriated through adverse possession by Arabs, with no protest. This is without mentioning the encroachment by Arabs against the Jewish populations of Yafo, Lod , Acre and in the Negev.

The article neglects that while Jewish settlements are being disarmed the PA is being armed with no real assurance these weapons would not find their way in to terrorist hands.

The Israeli government tolerates Knesset Members who actively act against the existence of the State and meet with belligerent entities. Segments of the Israeli Left have gone beyond advocacy to the destruction of property , uprooting crops, and other acts that drift across the line from sympathy to giving aid and comfort to an enemy.

However what stands out as the most disturbing is that had this article been written about pre state settlement activity the young lady interviewed would be celebrated as a Chaluza, pioneer defying the British to reclaim the ancestral Jewish Homeland. Israel as a Jewish State is not and cannot be an arbitrary or artificial concept . The most tragic and similarly most crucial lesson is without a sense of history and heritage to instill pride and purpose in a nation the resulting spiritual void is filled by self-loathing.

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