Wednesday, January 21, 2009


It would be so easy to write a post decrying how the Israeli leadership snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by aborting Operation Cast Lead before finishing off Hamas. If even after unleashing the full power of the IDF against Gaza for 3 weeks Hamas remained able to fire ordinance at Israel. This would imply that after making Gaza Jew free and a prolonged truce period Hamas had so militarized the region that Hamas’ military capacity remains a threat. So by failing to eliminate Hamas the threat to Israel not only remains but is increased.

However, to go off on how surreal the antics of Olmert, Livni and Barak et al are misses the reality of the situation. Unlike the Summer 2006 war the unity between Jews is very high. The Soldiers’ morale was strong there was a sense that they understood their mission and that effort was made to integrate events in the South with the whole of the nation so it was our fight and not just the South’s problem. The Israeli government and IDF speaking with a single voice waged the war of public opinion. Even new technology like You Tube was employed to make the case for Israel.

Together soldiers were joined on the battlefield with more that 100,000 others who volunteered to backup soldiers in the field and civilians in harm’s way with Torah and Prayer. All the positive factors for victory seemed to be in place.

Yet after all the effort both this and otherworldly, Hamas can still set off rockets and missiles and Gilad has not come home. The fact that the first articulation of a willingness by Israel to let up it’s attack should have seen Hamas offer the location and time a healthy, well fed Mr. Shalit would be delivered to the Israeli border and turned over, but that well as many common sense actions evaded the great minds of Israel’s leadership. Why?

To simply condemn the naïve or self serving liberal suicidal appeasement orientation of Mr. Olmert, Ms. Livni and the rest would mean the spiritual efforts of nation are not a powerful as the elected officials. Truly there were more than a few miraculous incidents during Cast Lead from the low casualty numbers to Mama Rachel personally going to Gaza to protect soldiers. So analysis of Cast Lead in geopolitical terms would clearly be misplaced.

The sudden start and stop of the campaign belies that the purpose, the goals to be achieved were not to be found in the Kiriya or any Earthly war room. The lessons learnt are the connection between national unity, exercising faith and success. Cast Lead succeeded not because of better training or supply lines. Clearly the lessons learnt are to communicate the value of faith to the whole of Israel wherever they are located, wherever they are situated.

It should be prayed for that the lessons of Cast Lead not be lost.

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