Monday, June 09, 2014


Israel National News/ Arutz Sheva  reported today about a virtual conquest of King David's tomb. Evidently Catholic Mass was celebrated not in the room of the Last Supper but in the room used as King David's tomb. Assisted by Police and  Yassamim, special police Jews were made to leave the holy place to facilitate the celebration of the Mass.

While respecting other people and their faiths may be necessary in a pre-Mashiach world but there must be limits. The Jews' presence in the Holy Land is not as European or Asian interlopers but as a returning people indigenous to the land. How else to seriously claim Jewry's claim of being native to the land after nearly two millennia but by asserting the connection between present day  Jewry and our ancestors. King David has present day descendants an individual  with some knowledge of Jewish law sees indicia of Jewish life going back to antiquity. Ceding any Jewish aspect of a Historic/ Holy site is in effect a ceding of Jewish sovereignty.

Openness and liberalism cannot be extended to the point of virtual suicide. King David despite being a Biblical figure, David was King over all Israel. Allowing Non-Jewish prayer services and ritual is disrespectful and acts as a repudiation of present day Jews in Israel being connected to King David and that present day Israel is the Kingdom's successor. How can the claim be made if the King's honor is not protected?

Respect for others is necessary for a civil society but at the expense of self respect is the price is too high .

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