Monday, August 14, 2006

A time to think, a time for change

The temptation to call names, engage in finger pointing and otherwise vent outrage against the Israeli government is strong but ultimately unsatisfying and unproductive.

The cease fire entered in to by the State of Israel, Lebanon and Hezbullah opens up an opportunity for introspection. The soldiers who were captured and being held hostage by Hezbullah and Hamas remain in captivity, their captors remain free and Hezbullah, Hamas and Fatah et al remain unbent and bravely swagger among their human bunkers.

The north of Israel was depopulated, people’s homes, property, livelihoods damaged or destroyed. Those who remained in the North were exposed to rockets landing at will for over a month. In April of 1978 as a Yeshiva student this writer heard a katusha launch from near his dormitory. Though a dud that did not detonate the sound of the launch was so loud so filled with violence that the sound remains some 28 years latter. Imagine when hearing this hellish din several if not tens of times a day day after day.

Therefore, to claim an Israeli victory at present is a pure product of spin. The goals of rescuing the captured soldiers and cutting down Hezbullah did not happen. Can Hezbullah even as a proxy for Syria and Iran be that powerful? Can Hezbullah be standing on firm moral ground to justify their hostilities? These questions are not relevant rather the query; Did they win or did we lose and if so why?, that is the proper question.

The unity among the people lending shelter, food all types of support spiritual,personal and financial are forthcoming throughout the county and the broader world of Jewish and gentile lovers of Israel is a victory. The sense of unity has to remain and color the tenor of the public debate on this matter. Yet, there is talk the IDF was constrained by the Prime Minister and his allies who may lack the ability to lead during wartime.

Prime Minister Olmert when speaking to Gush Katif evacues the Prime Minister chides their concerns about lost wages and property by reminding them government makes life and death choices and instead of compensation all one may receive is a coffin. Then in a latter address the Prime Minister cited the current action as a basis to defend Convergence. If the Arabs become too hostile we can hit them at will so more land can be ceded. This incoherent thinking that Arab or Islamic hostility should be allowed to stand? Were the lost opportunities to stop Hezbullah the cause of lives lost, maimed or damaged throughout Northern Israel. How many hundreds of rockets would not have fallen if instead of 10% of the IDF 50%, 75% of the Israel Defense Forces were committed to destroying evil?

Mr.. Olmert is not stupid or and idiot or even simply corrupt. Instead it seems Mr.. Olmert has exhibited behavior that calls in to question his perception of reality or at the least his ability / capacity to lead under the stress of war. Mr.. Olmert if he were a ship’s captain would be placed under arrest by his crew for putting them all in danger. This not a call for anything illegal or violent. Yet, if not stopped appeasement of Hezbullah means Israeli graves, it empowers Iran and all the other whose notion of victory is a planet reduced to a dead rock.

Olmert and his ilk must be replaced by those who understand the full historic and and cultural context of Jewry in its land means. Individuals need to look to heaven and rely only on G-D. Only G-D has power and control to guide the fate of nations and people. ‘Place your Hope in G-D take courage and strength and place your hope in G-D ’ (Psalms 27:14)

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