Monday, September 04, 2006


Someone I know had visited Eretz Yisrael recently. During the hostilities in the North against Hezbullah. He visited Hevron and was disturbed by the conditions. How could families live surrounded by hostile neighbors, some of whom want nothing better than to murder their Jewish neighbors? It seemed that the threat which is real and palpable was enough of a reason for the Jews to leave. Despite this fellow being a sincerely devout Jew he could not understand why live in Hevron?

Without a doubt those who live and learn in the holy city of Hevron are persons blessed with a profound faith that most people can only aspire to achieve. Yet is seems axiomatic the notion of a Jewish State without a Jewish Hevron is as alien as a re-divided Jerusalem. As a nine year old child in June 1967 the sense was we have come home, the rise of modern state of Israel must be connected to the redemption, yearned for over nearly two thousand years.

Jews living in Hevron is the natural state of affairs. Arab control of the Temple Mount is the aberration. Any Governmental hesitation or restraint on the observance of Judaism or the Jewish character of the State should seem antithetical and offend the subliminal bedrock of reason that articulates itself as logic.

The thought that Jews belong in the land is maybe hypocritical coming from someone sitting in the United States who has no real plans for Aliya in the near future. However even so as a Jew who believes in G-D and His Torah as taught through Prophets and sages, as one ordained as a Rav silence is not an option. Again the fellow Spoken of earlier is a wonderful sensitive soul who has no love for the Arabs but misplaced compassion. Truly, though the land is Jewry’s, without a doubt it is not a valuable as a single soul committed to follow G-D whether 7 for the nations or the 613 of the Torah and 7 Rabbinic commandments. How does one face threats?

As the world saw Hezbullah, Fatah and Hamas all members of hell spawned troika bravely swagger and boast their prowess while shielded by children. Their threat is real so is their cowardice. The greatest threat the Arabs face are Jews who know who they are, what they are and why they are. A purposeful Jew is the threat the evil ones cannot abide.

Maybe it is this self-understanding that motivated so much of the people during the recent conflict. The Government seemed prepared to abandon whole cities in the North and their people, the captive solders or serious will to prosecute the campaign to its conclusion.

Unlike Gush Katif where the government through the sela authority acted with an attitude that indifference would be hailed as a 110% improvement. People on their own or through local institutions made sure everyone was sheltered and fed.

Soldiers denied proper training is wrong but denying troop’s food and water even one platoon is inconceivable and cannot be tolerated.

People saw their strength and unity and the same qualities their leaders lack. Prime Minister Olmert and his government are deeply disconnected from the man or woman in the street to the point the government’s leadership and judgment can no longer be regarded as trustworthy.

As a New Year approaches one’s hope and prayer is for Mashiach, messiah’s arrival soon and if not at least leaders who lead without fear of anyone except G-D A-mighty.

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