Friday, November 28, 2008


Words are unable to contain the combined sense of outrage and saddness in the aftermath of the Holtzbergs' murder. Indeed the whole devastation carried out against civillans in Mumbai India must shock the conscience.

It should serve to remind all those in power that looking at who issued which terrorist which decoder ring is not important. Failing to see those non state or quasi state actors as part of a unified ideology that uses terror as an intrument of policy can not be tolerated in the community of humanity. Any ideology of faith the can condone such behavior has lost its legitmacy.

Where is the Islamic outrage? Where are the declarations of outrage from the Gulf/ from the Saudis/ from Hamas, Fatah, Al Qeka Et Al. I doubt holding one's breath in anticipation would be wise.

To entertain the notion that such actors merit the dignity of discourse is outragous and misguided in its naivate. Maybe just maybe [and yes I enjoy the luxury of not fighting this war on the ground but there is no joy in this suggestion] in dealing such as those who attacked on 9/11, as send rockets to Sedrot and who attcked Mumbai as well as their fellow travelers, supporters and sympathizers on notice that diplomacy is no longer an option. Responsible persons cannot allow these beings who diminish the whole of humanity any refuge save that offered by the grave. To protect decency this pathology must exorcised as was done to Germany some 60+ years ago.

It must stressed no one with a sicntila of humanity wishes

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